Friday, April 6, 2012

First order from ebay!

Hello Beauties! I hope everyone is having a great day! It is surprisingly chilly out today. I guess it is a normal spring day, but I am just not use to it. heh.

But we are not here to discuss the weather, but about my first ever purchase from ebay! I know, I am late to the party. But shopping on ebay was never anything I thought to do.

I just never included ebay on my list of places to shop. That is until this week, when talking to Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit about buying perfumes and ebay.

I decided to go over and look around for a perfume I love. And what did I see! My discontinued perfume. For cheap! Originally $80 on Sephora (before it was discontinued), I paid just $23!!!

 Bvlgari Omnia. This is such a beautiful scent! This is an Oriental scent. Notes include mandarin, saffron, masala tea, and white chocolate. It lasts all day on me, and I get so many compliments every time I wore it. Having a bottle of this perfume again has me so happy.

Next I bought six NYX jumbo eye pencils. For 17.29 you can choose six colors from a wide range of colors. And I thought the little sticker the seller used was so cute:

Here are the six pencils:

                                 Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, Cashmere

                   Rocky Mountain Green, Peacock, Purple Velvet

                                Here are the swatches with a flash:

                                      And swatches without a flash:

I am so happy with the colors I chose. I think these are well pigmented and creamy. When I swatched these, they went on smoothly and easily. The colorpay off is wonderful.

I am very happy with my order and the products were in perfect condition. And they arrived so quickly. I ordered them on the 2nd and they arrived today. I ordered the NYX from Joy's Cosmetics and the perfume from AAA Merchants. Both are Top-Rated Sellers. 

Do you like NYX jumbo pencils?  What colors do you have?

Thanks so much for stopping by!



ahhhdri said...

I love NYX jumbo pencils, I think Cottage Cheese is my favorite. It's great for inner eye highlighting, or as a base for eye shadow.

ChannelHMC said...

This is my first NYX eye pencil. I have been playing with them today, and I am liking them so far.

I considered getting milk because I have seen alot of people use it, but I went with Cottage Cheese because it has a pearly look to it and it looks a bit warmer.

Rianne said...

I love the NYX pencils. I don't have any fun colors though. These look great! Found you on beautylish. New follower! :D

ChannelHMC said...

I am really enjoying them. Thanks for following!

Kelseylovescosmetics said...

I buy on Ebay all the time LOL, great deal you got on the NYX JEP's!
I love your blog and am now following! Hope you would like to follow back?

XO/LB said...

wow those jumbo eye pencils look amazing! I own "milk" but I've never tried any other colors. great post! :) I subbed, I found you on Nicki's blog! :)

twitter: @XOLB22

ChannelHMC said...

Yea, I will be using ebay more often now lol. Yea, I saved a bit on them. Thanks for the follow! I am following you as well.

ChannelHMC said...

Thanks! I was going to get milk, but thought cottage cheese was more what I was looking for. I am really liking it.

Star Vogue said...

i love nyx JEP :) now following

Empire State Beauty Queen said...

You got yourself a deal on those NYX Jumbo Pencils. I'm in love with my "Milk" pencil. I kinda use it all the time jajaja.


P.S. I have a mini giveaway and soon another amazing giveaway on my blog. If your interested in checking those out.

ChannelHMC said...

Yea, I saved a bit of money with the NYX JEPs. They are so good for on the go days with little time for alot of makeup.

I will check it out!

calisurf01 said...

Back to the perfume - LOVE Bvlgari!! Yes, ebay can be really beneficial for certain items! I love your blogspot and youtube videos - please check mine out:

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