Monday, May 7, 2012

Benefit's Rare Beauty Limited Edition kit

Hello Beauties! Back in the first of April, I entered a giveaway hosted by Elissa also known as Pursebuzz. It was one of the first big giveaways I have entered. And won. I was so excited to see my name in the list of 5 winners for this amazing prize. 

What is it? A limited edition kit by Benefit in honor of the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. 

 I was surprised to find some extra goodies in my package. Like this adorable 2012 calender. The pink backing unfold into a stand. And each page is filled with wonderful art that benefit is known for. (Not included with the kit.)

 And a cute box of tissues! (Not included with the kit.)

 Now the star of the show!! This is a beautiful makeup case, with metallic silver and purple design. Cream zipper top.

                   On the back of the case is a heart shaped leaf with Rare Beauty designed into it. 

What's inside?

                                                        0.75 oz The POREfessional

                                                        0.3 oz BADgal Lash Mascara

                                          0.13 oz Benetint                        0.08 oz High Beam

It also came with a little booklet on how to "Get the Look". 

I want to thank Elissa from pursebuzz and Benefit for this awesome giveaway! 

You can find Elissa at and at her website

You can purchase this kit HERE for $45. And don't forget this is a limited edition! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


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Tristan said...

You luck girl!! What a cool prize to win! I love Benefit :)

ChannelHMC said...

lol I was shocked when I saw I won one of these. I have used a couple of benefit products, but I really wanted to try the high beam and benetint. So that was the big part of the whole thing for me.

Elex Page said...

Very cute and congrats on winning! Seems like you got alot of great products!!

Boston Princess

ChannelHMC said...

Thanks! it is amazing.

xo, Jersey Girl said...

Love this!!

New follow :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Showing some love over the social networks :)

xo, Jersey Girl

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