Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mark. Snap to it Mega Custom Color Palette

Hello Beauties! Today I wanted to share my mark. Snap to it Mega Custom Color Palette. 
It works just like the Z-Palette in that it is magnetized, mirrored compact that keeps your  i-mark eye shadows and Good Glowing blushes. 

This palette can hold up to eight shadows, four blushes  or like I have here, four shadows and two blushes. It also comes with two duel ended brushes. They are decent brushes, though I mainly use the fluffy end to smooth and blend the colors. They seem to soft to properly apply the shadows.


The four shadows I have here are Corset, Plum Velvet, Fairy Dust, Whisper. The two blushes are Cameo Glo and After Glo. 

(With flash.)

                                                                         (Natural light.)

                     The i-mark shadows I have, have good color payoff and blend easily. 

 The four shadow swatches:
Whisper, Corset, Plum Velvet, Fairy Dust.
(Natural light.)


The blushes have smooth feel and apply and blend out perfectly. I love both of these colors so  much.

After Glo has golden shimmer to it, but not to much, just enough. Cameo Glo is more matte and soft.

 Blush swatches:
After Glo (top), Cameo Glo (bottom)

(Natural light)


I am a mark. rep, but haven't been as active in the past year as I should have been. I do have my online boutique if you are interested in any of the products. Here is the link if you would like to check it out: 

Do you have any mark. products? If so, what and what do you think of them?

Thanks so much for stopping by!!



Sara said...

Love the colours you chose. Ive heard great things about Mark products:)
Sara xx

ChannelHMC said...

Thank you Sara, perfect for fall IMO. I really like their glosses and foundation.

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