Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Booktube-A-Thon!!!!!!

Hello everyone! 

So, I am excited to announce that Ariel Bissett who hosted the first youtube booktube-a-thon is hosting the second booktube-a-thon, along with some other awesome booktubers for the FIRST ever CHRISTMAS booktube-a-thon! 

I had so much fun this past summer with booktube-a-thon, I got really excited to see the Christmas one. This will be a much more relaxed and easy going read-a-thon. It will last only 3 days, from December 20-22. They will be doing reading sprints on twitter so be sure to follow @BooktubeAThon to join in with hundreds of others!!

Check out Ariel's video below for all the information for this booktube-a-thon!!! 

I hope all of you join in on the first Christmas read-a-thon!!!

Please leave a comment below if you plan on or at least plan on trying to participate!!! 

Follow me on twitter (ChannelHMC) so we can chat up what we are reading!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Jenny Julian said...

This sounds really fun. I definitely check in even if I can't actually join in. I'm intrigued to know what a 'sprint' is :D

Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

Heather Noffsinger said...

You should definitely try! Even if you read one book this weekend!!! Sprints are when one of the admin on @BooktubeAThon twitter something like, "For the next 15 minutes read as many pages as possible" or "For the next 10 minutes count how many time you read a certain word" They also may throw in a little read game here and there. Just fun little things to get the reading community interacting and having fun!!!

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