Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Take: Benny Imura Series by Jonathan Maberry

This is My Take on Benny Imura series by Jonathan Maberry.

I want to first start this My Take off by pointing out the cover art. It is just amazing.
They say you can't judge a book by its cover, and in most cases that is true. However, these covers truly represent the books perfectly. 

They show fear, anger, the struggle, just all the emotions one would expect in a zombie book. Then the muted colors with shock of red being a common theme throughout adds to the feeling of a world in ruin. 

This isn't your basic hack and slash, blood, gore and zombies zombies zombies. I mean, those things are there, don't get me wrong. Many a zom attacked and many a zom was killed. No, this is a zombie tale where the human element is the focus. 

The zombies, all blubillion of them, take pretty much the backseat in this series. Focusing instead on the lives of those who are struggling to survive in what is left of their world.  Mainly, 15 year old Benny, his older brother, 34 year old Tom and Benny's friends, Nix, Morgie and Lou. 

The series starts off fourteen years after the zombie outbreak, so for Benny and his friends, they have pretty much only known this world. The world consists of small communities of survivors scattered through out the world. A world that is without technology, so communication is limited to the few traveling merchants, and zombie bounty hunters. But for the most part, each settlement is pretty isolated from the world outside their own fences. 

But for Benny and his group, that all changes when one fateful day, a jumbo jet flies over them while they were outside of the fence. Now remember, this is the first time they have seen anything like this. So, new hope blooms that maybe not all of the world is overcome with death. Or that maybe the world is making a comeback. This one jet, sets the characters into motion to search for answers, and maybe discover that not everything is lost. 

As the story unfolds, they discover new places, people and learn that zombies aren't the worst things to fear in this world. That there are much worse things to be frightened of. Bigger wars to be fought. 

The characters Jonathan Maberry created in this series are well developed and you can see the growth of each one as time goes by. And they all feel authentic and true in how they deal with their circumstances. The world he created is so believable, and scary and chaotic that you're left with this sense of anxiety, sadness, frustration. Which is a good thing when dealing with an apocalyptic zombie world. I just really felt the emotions of what was happening in this series. I had to, a few times, put the books down and walk away because I would get so invested in the story. But I would end up turning right back around to read more. The suspense was to great to stay away, I just had to know what happens next. And that is what makes a great story to me. It was most definitely a page turner for me. 

So, if you like zombies, and enjoy a good ole' apocalypse with a human touch. Then I highly recommend this series. 

I give this series a 5 out of 5 stars!

Have you read this series? Tell me your thoughts on it!

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