Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Take: Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci

Tin StarTin Star by Cecil Castellucci
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a sci-fi duology by Cecil Castellucci that centers around Tula Bane. A young girl who, along with her mother and sister, leave Earth and head towards the possibility of colonizing a new planet.
Under the guidance of the leader of this endeavor, Brother Blue, they stop at the space station Yertina Feray that lays 6 light years from Earth.

However, he finds Tula's inquisitiveness a flaw that needs to be eliminated. He calls her away from her family and the rest of the people and beats her to death...Or so he thought. He leaves her lifeless body with the supplies her families ship needs for survival, on the docking station.

She luckily lives, and is able to care on with life on Yertina Feray when an alien, Heckleck, shows her how to do survive. An unlikely alliance forms between the two and throughout the months and years, a solid friendship is formed.

Tula is stuck on this space station and longs for not only her family, but to be able to be free on a planet again. And she strives to make this happen. And this desire is strengthen when three humans crash on the station over after over a year later. Being the only human all this time, seeing these humans, brings up struggles and fear and hope in her. And reminds her that she too, is human.

She is also set on revenge against Brother Blue for what he did to her, but she discovers just how low he has and will go to achieve his goals. This only further fuels her desire to get to him and make him pay.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I knew I was interested in the story, but I didn't expect to feel so invested in the characters as I ended up being. I felt emotions when things happened to them, or anxiety when newcomers came in that I felt she shouldn't trust. And that makes for a good read.

I enjoyed reading a sci-fi book, complete with aliens. A genre that has been lacking in my book collection.

I read through this book quickly, and now left patiently waiting for the sequel to this story.

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