Saturday, February 25, 2012

Victorian Disco Cosmetics haul

Victorian Disco Cosmetics is a great indie company, who creates some of the prettiest loose powder shadows. They are all vegan and cruelty free. She has a shop on which you can find HERE.

I recently ordered 15 mini jars, in which I could pick and choose any shadow from her various collections. I recieved them a couple days ago. The order was filled and shipped out in about a week and half, which pleased me. I was really excited to get these guys in. And was really impressed with just how much product you get in these mini jars. 

Here are all the shadows I ordered:

 I swatched all the colors, and starting here we have Desert Eagle(Care Package Glitters) and Salazar (House Points Collection)

 These are from Rococo Roller Rink Collection:
Revolutionary Ball, Pannier, Baroque,Antoinette, Antrophine, Powder Wig

 And lastly these are from the Galaxy Down the Street Collection:
Yoda's Yoga Mat, It's a Trap, Millenium Falcon, The Fett, Lightsaber, Ewok Pajama Party, Do the Jabba, Jabba

I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance with these swatches and the colors just popped. They are just as pretty without primer, but they come across softer. Most loose powdered shadows last longer and have better color payoff with primer and I suggest using these and any other powder shadow with a primer. 

I am extremely happy with these shadows, the colors are so pretty and all of VDC's colors have a unique-ness about them that I am drawn to. Not to mention the names of the shadows are so fun and clever.

All the collections shown above have more colors in the collections, these are just the ones I choose from each collection. 

The prices of the shadows are a great deal too! You can get full size jars (2g) for $4.99. I bought the 15 mini jars for 15% off  which brought my order to $25.50 including shipping. And as you can see, you get alot of product and a quality product at that! 

I am in love!

Again, you can check out Victorian Disco's etsy shop at 

Check out my video on these shadows for more info on each color:


Melissa M said...

Wow those look really cool! I love supporting other people on Etsy so I will have to check em out :) great post!

Jeff Hardy said...

interesting post. Now you can use this india business to business directory to promote cosmetic products import & export business.

Something Girly... said...

Gonna check out that site!! Great info thanks :-) xx

ahhhdri said...

Beautiful swatches, definitely going to check them out.

ChannelHMC said...

You really should. She has so many great colors. And now that I have had them for a week, and can say that they are so easy to work with and the colors are so beautiful.

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