Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A possible dupe for MAC's Viva Glam Nicki

Hello Beauties! I had to run to this little store called Fred's for a few items. As I headed to the check out, I hopped over to the little tiny makeup section to see if I couldn't find a creamy pink lipstick. Not expecting to see anything, as the stock is extremely limited, something caught my eye. The packaging made me think MAC. Maybe it is the black with white lettering, and how similar the font is in the name.

It was a company I have never heard of...Ioni. I looked through the lipstick and found a creamy pink called Ballet! It was priced for $1.50 so I threw it in my cart.

Once I got home, I quickly swatched the lipstick and was instantly reminded of a swatch I saw in a blog. MAC's Viva Glam Nicki. I had to be sure, so I doubled checked some swatches online (since I don't have Nicki myself) and although it isn't a perfect dupe, it is still close.

Ballet with Flash

 Ballet without Flash.

 They also had false lashes with glue included, in three different styles. I grabbed a pair for $1.00. 

I have had the lipstick on for about an hour and I have to say it feels nice on the lips. It feels creamy and moisturizing. It has nice color payoff. 

I am going to keep my eye out on this brand for more products to try out! I may go back and check out some of the shadows. 

What do you think of this color? Do you think it is a close dupe for Nicki, or do my eyes deceive me?
 (Click Here for the swatches I compared this too.)

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Valerie Mantz said...

I think the swatches are really really close! that's awesome!

ChannelHMC said...

I thought so too, I did a side by side comparison with the swatches from the blog I linked and I thought it was really close. And after nearly 2 hours wear, it held up and continued to feel nice.

Beauty Make Up Addict said...

Wow what a great find. I love when I find affordable dupes for more expensive products. The lashes look really nice too.

ChannelHMC said...

I know! I was really surprised. Wasn't expecting to even find a color close to what i wanted. lol

Star Vogue said...

Definetly a dupe :)thanks for sharing!

ChannelHMC said...

Thanks for stopping by!

DramanMakeup said...

They're quite similar! xx

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