Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Off Topic: Rush My Review

I am going off topic from my normal beauty related posts. But I really loved this book and wanted to share my review with you.

*May contain mild spoilers*

Rush by Maya Banks. The first book in the Breathless Trilogy. 

I loved this book! 

I have seen others compare it to Fifty, but honestly, aside from the rich mogul who enjoys kink in the bedroom there isn't much to compare really.

I really liked how Mia and Gabe already had history together. Being her older brothers friend and business partner added that something that was not in the other series. It wasn't two strangers meeting, then bam, three days later, they are tied up with whips and blindfolds. It was a teen crush turned into reality for her, which made her choices more understandable.

He was a huge ass, who made me want to root for him. But would make decisions that just wouldn't allow me to fully like him. But I could see he tried, but not hard enough most of the time, and honestly, that made him more realistic than some super hero, who does 180 and is suddenly perfect. People are flawed, and he was flawed. No doubt about that.

Mia, the leading lady, I really liked. She was intelligent, and actually strong willed. She felt like a real person IMO. She did have her weak moments, but again, given her long standing crush, it makes it more forgivable. Especially since she was pretty strong with him most of the time. And she really stood up for herself when it really came down to it. "You will have to crawl" she told Gabe, and she stood by that. Even when he came around, she didn't falter. Unlike other leading ladies who become mindless little zombies at the mere sight or smell of their alpha males. And I respect her for that, and felt that was true to her character.

The sex scenes were hot and made me:

It had BDSM, but not to over the top. It was the right amount IMO. And she was into it, which made it comfortable. It was new to her own personal experience, but she wasn't ignorant about that type of sex. So she was interested and willing to explore that sexual side of herself. And that leaves me feeling a sense of empowerment for her.

Though I admit, some things kind of urk(?) me. Like when she was having to work ALL day with the plug...and she saying she couldn't sit still, the burning sensation, and then she looked over at him at his desk on the phone, all kicked back looking relaxed and comfortable...I was like, ugh, she should make him sit all day with one, I bet he wouldn't ask her to do it again.... lol

And of course the infamous Paris hotel scene. First I was like:

Then I was:

Not much more I can say about that whole cluster...

I had hoped he would completely redeem himself, but then when Jace and Ash bust in, in the middle of being "tied up" I really felt like:

And I just can't deal when she pleaded with him:

The ending really brought it all together for me. She showed more back bone than Ana or Eva (from Fifty and Crossfire) by having some self respect and not giving in, and him swallowing his pride and crawling like a real man who loves his woman would do. Redeemed my dear Gabe, you are redeemed.

Another thing I really like about this series...each book will take on the stories of the other guys...Mia's brother Jace and the third being Ash's story. So we get a fresh new story, but with familiar people and places, and I'm sure we still get some insight of what is going on with Mia and Gabe. ( I think at least, haven't started Fever yet.) I really enjoyed that layout with the Lords of the Underworld series and so I'm excited that this series is doing it that way as well.

This book really had it all for me, I felt a range of emotions, from "oh yeah" to upset to happy. And that is what makes a good book great for me. 

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