Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Few Goodies I Picked Up!!

Hello Beauties! I went into work this past Saturday and was pleasantly surprised to find it was employee appreciation day! And we were given an extra percent off on top of our normal employee discount. So, I picked up a few little items.


I bought two Turbie Twist's. One for me and one to add to Mom's gifts. I have used mine once, and it is really soft and I am liking it so far.

I have been needing some nail love. With the frequent use of polish remover and constant use of hand sanitizer, my nails have become fragile and break and peel. So, I bought Nail Magic nail hardener and conditioner. I will give a full review of this product after I use it for a few weeks. 

I LOVE these corkscrew pins. I have been using them for a long time, but have lost one, so I bought a new set. 

And of course I love me some China Glaze!!

From the Cirque de Soleil Collection Creative Fantasy.

 This is a gorgeous creme purple, that dries into a satin finish. It wasn't as opaque as I thought it would be and took three coats to reach above look. It could actually use a fourth to reach desirable opaqueness. I will say it wasn't very consistant in application. As I brushed it on, it seems to carry the product more to the free edge of my nails, leaving the nail bed rather thin. It wasn't that it was thick, but just an odd consistency. I had just worked 10 hours, so maybe I was just really tired hehe! I will be reapplying it this week, and will report back. 

Next from China Glaze is this beautiful garnet red called Long Kiss. 

I am in love with this color. It went on smoothly and easily and I reached desire opaqueness with two coats. It dries into a nice pearly shine.

Another from the Cirque de Soleil Collection is It's a Trap-eze. This is a slightly transparent white base with multi-colored and sized glitter. I don't have a photo with it on as of yet, but will be posting one soon on my instagram at ChannelHMC.

And when you buy two China Glaze polishes at Sally's, you will get a free organza gift bag. Since I bought four, (three colors and China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat), I received two of these cute little bags. The snowflakes are a metallic silver. 

Do any of you have any of these polishes or any others from the new Cirque de Soleil Collection? What colors?

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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