Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Purse Collection

Hey guys!! One of my favorite fashion accessories are purses. They always fit, no matter what size you are, and that is what makes purses the ultimate fashion item!

I want to share my personal purse collection, not to be showy, but to share my passion for this ultimate fashion accessory!

                       Here are some of my most used bags layed out:

                        And here are some I pulled out of the bunch to stand as my top picks:

               If I had to pick just ONE purse to use forever it would be this yellow Antonio Melani.
                             This is a gorgeous Antonio Melani red clutch.

         I really love these little guys, they are a triple threat. Used as a clutch, wallet or small purse.
                                         The top 3 are by Antonio Melani and the blue by Brahmin.

I had to pick this newer model of Antonio Meliani for the color, with the light blue and hue of green give it a unique finish. Like sea foam.

                       Another purse I really enjoy is this Jessica Simpson flower bag.

                                         A spring/summer fave by the Sak.

                                       Antonio Melani in a maroon-ish shade.

                                         Hobo International clutch in faux snakeskin.

                                   A bag that has given me alot of compliments by Nicole Lee

What are some of your favorite brands of purses?

Check out my video for a complete look at all of my purses!


Arabella said...

Wow you have so many! How great to have one in basically every colour too, one to go with anything! :D

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