Sunday, January 29, 2012

18th Annual SAG Awards

So many dresses!!! And what a feast for the eyes!
The 18th Annual SAG Awards continues the awards season, and has provided with many beautiful dresses.
So, I am just going to just jump in with the dresses that I loved.

                   Julianna Margulies, not only do I love the color, but the detailing is exquisite.

                 Kaley Cuoco looks so soft and feminine in this mint colored gown.

Kelly Osborne gets it right at the SAGs in this figure flattering gown. The                                                                    color doesn't clash with her hair color, (which BTW I do love).

 Viola Davis is STUNNING!! The gold detailing is subtle enough to not take over, but adds that perfect element of drama that makes this dress beautiful.

Michelle Williams redeems herself at this awards. The color is the perfect shade of red that compliments her skin and gives her that youthful edge that was missing last time.

There was no shortage for...."uninspired" dresses (or in one case a jumpsuit). I find myself amazed that they look in the mirror and think..."Yes, this is the one."

Kristin Wiig, Not only plain, but with the halter neck, why throw in a thick black choker?

 Angelina Jolie, No secret that she needs to gain a little weight, but this dress is not doing her any favors. It just makes her look even skinnier, with the draping neckline.

Jenna Fischer is just looking frumpy and drab in this dress. Something more figure flattering would have done wonders.

 Rose Byrne is a beautiful woman, and I do give her props for thinking outside the box, but I feel it is just way to outside the box. Maybe for a less formal event this could have worked.

Did any of you watch the red carpet or the awards show?
So what did you guys think of the fashion from the SAG Awards? Any faves or not so fave?

image credits: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Dimitrios Kambouris/
Jeff Vespa/

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