Friday, March 9, 2012

China Glaze Colours of the Capitol (The Hunger Games)

Hello Beauties! I have been a fan of The Hunger Games Trilogy for close to two years, having read the books twice.

When I heard that a movie was going to be made I was cautiously excited. (We know how our favorite books can sometimes be messed up when translated into movies.) But after Suzanne Collins explained the vision of the movie, I allowed myself to get into full on excitement mode. I have collected key chains, necklace, pins, bookmarks, and yes even a board game (among other random merch.)

So, you can imagine my reaction when I heard about China Glaze's Hunger Games inspired collection. I waited patiently for any bit of news for the release. And finally the Sally's near me got in the shipment. Way later than most other places..(my luck). But I have them just the same, and in time for the movie release.

I picked out four from the twelve colors. I will in time, collect them all, but I chose these as my top must haves from the collection.

Riveting, Stone Cold, Dress Me Up, Luxe and Lush


  An absolutely gorgeous color. It is a bright red orange with gold sheen. I almost put it back for Agro, but I am so glad I didn't. This will be a color I will wear often. Reached desired opaqueness in three coats.

Stone Cold

  A charcoal black with a silver sheen. It drys matte, which helps give it that stone look. I don't normally like matte polish, but this may very well change my mind. Opaque in pretty much one coat.

Dress me up.

My original favorite when I first saw the colors. I still love it, but it takes second after Riveting. This is a very proper color. It is a pop of color that can worn to work or special events without being distracting. It is a creamy "dark rose pink". Opaque in two coats easily.

Luxe and Lush

A clear base, with shimmery flakes that give off a blue, silver, green and purple sheen.
I have it on plan nails, but will look great over polish.  

What do you think of these colors? Are there any particular colors from The Colours of the Capital collection that you like that isn't shown here?

I hope you all enjoyed, and have a great day!



ahhhdri said...

ugh, I am lusting after "riveting", it was sold out online. Your swatches look so vibrant!

ChannelHMC said...

I am not even joking. I LOVE Riveting. I was surprised at how beautiful and bright it was. My main focus for past few months was Dress Me Up, and I didn't really pay to much attention to Riveting. But now, it is my fave with Stone Cold tied with Dress Me Up as close 2nd. I plan on getting Hook and Line, Fast Track and Agro to complete my personal Hunger Games collection. I like the rest, but after some thought, not enough to buy. I know I'd never actually wear them.

bookgirl12 said...

I love the stone cold one, it's just so perfect. Can't wait until you get all of them and show us how they look. Thanks for putting this up.

May the odds always be in your favor ;)


ChannelHMC said...

I like it too. I plan on doing a cool look I saw on pintrest with it. I want to go back and get the others today, but trying to be calm about it. lol I have only truely worn Riveting, with Luxe and Lush on the ring finger as an accent. I mean I did only buy these yesterday lol.

Elle said...

Love all those colors!

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ChannelHMC said...

Me too! I just love them all.

LauraMck said...

I haven't been able to get my hands on these in Ireland yet. Hopefully they are released here xxx

ChannelHMC said...

I hope they get released for you soon too. They are really nice colors.

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