Monday, March 5, 2012

Glossybox US! UPDATE

So, I just received an email announcing the arrival of Glossybox to the States!

UPDATE PART 3 (4/30/12): All the winners for the first ever Glossybox have been notified and are receiving shipment notifications now. They will start being delivered starting this week and the weeks to follow. 

Do not forget to head over to Glossybox and register and sign up for the newsletter so you can be the first to get all the latest news for when subscriptions will begin for Glossy's 2nd box!!!!


UPDATE PART 2 (4/13/2012) (Closed):  Glossybox has announced that the monthly fee will be $21. This, in my opinion will be well worth it.

*Glossybox is offering another chance for you to win one of the first boxes. *
Here is the official Glossybox Contest video for information on how to enter!

UPDATE: (CLOSED) Taken from Glossybox US Facebook page:
Glossies, we've just reached 2,500 fans! To celebrate, we're giving away another 10 boxes - 1 box for every 100 new GlossyBox fans. To enter, comment below, and "Like" and "Share" THIS post. Help us spread the word about Glossybox and win! :) 

So, head over to for your chance to win one of the first Glossyboxes!!!
                        ~~                                                                                      ~~

For me and I know many others, this has been a long and much anticipated wait.

I have watched so many Glossybox unboxing videos with such jealousy, and soon I will be jealous no more!

I am sure everyone is familiar with the subscription based beauty box, but in case you are one who does not, this is how it works:

You pay a monthly fee,(this differs from company to company, and cost can vary as well. Most common is $10 a month, but can go higher). Glossybox hasn't announced what the U.S fee will be yet. But each month, you receive a box filled with sample, deluxe and even full size products.

This is a great way to try out products you may not have tried before, or to be turned on to products you may not have heard of. Then, if you like a particular product from your box, then you can go onto and order the full size version.

Glossybox boxes contain 5 products ranging from sample to a possible full size.

Now, if Glossybox US works the same as it does with the UK, then you can earn what they call GLOSSYdots which can be redeemed. You earn GLOSSYdots by reviewing the products that were sent to you, 20 GLOSSYDots per review with 100 GLOSSYDots per box possible. Once you get 1000 GLOSSYdots you will get a FREE Glossybox!

Glossybox has a wide range of products from so many great cosmetic companies. The exact list of partners for the U.S has not yet been announced, but you can go onto the site and see a list of their Global Partners, such as Clinique, YSL, NARS, Bobbi Brown and so many more.

The only way to get a chance at receiving one of the first of these wonderful pink boxes is to go to and enter to win!

I will update this as more information comes in. 


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